About the photographers

Karen & Josette are two photographers with cross-continental ties culminating in years of friendship and a shared interest in creating editorial and commercial work that is honest, emotional and tender. They worked together as a team in Beirut for nearly a decade before relocating to Dubai & Chicago respectively.

Karen Kalou studied photography in Montreal before moving to Beirut. Her fine art practice revolves around narrating the ethereal, sacred and passing of time within landscape photography. She has exhibited in Beirut, Turin and Brussels. She currently resides in Dubai.

Josette Youssef received her MFA from the School of the Art institute of Chicago before moving to New York and later Beirut. Her individual commercial work is focused on stories concerning food and design. She currently resides in Chicago.

Karen & Josette are winners of The Deutsche Bank Creative Enterprise Award.

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About Unions

We see Unions as a continuation of our other work and another part of what we do. For us, weddings are about connecting intimately with our clients, observing their stories unfold with honesty and reverence and recording personal histories. The images we create come together to weave stories that are honest reflections of the tears, anxieties, laughter, celebration and joys of the wedding day.

We set out to capture real moments and to create photographs that matter. We are only interested in honest expressions and sincere emotions. We do not follow a shot list or itinerary. We feel this is the best approach to achieving spirited photographs that are simple and pure.

It is a privilege to create images that clients will keep forever and look for in years to come as a remembrance and celebration of the joys, fragility and importance of love.


For inquiries, please contact us at:


CHICAGO  + 1 630 207 0994

DUBAI  + 971 56 973 1333  

For wedding photography requests, please include you dates, location and number of guests.